Oxford keynote speaking events

Oxford Sustainable is a (keynote) speaker in the following events:

Baltic Architect Union’s Association, Latvia, 6th-9th October, sustainable competition, judge and keynote speaker
Eesti GBC – Foorum – People, Profit, Planet, Tallinn
Most Sustainable Architecture and Construction awards, Latvia, 5th-6th September, 22nd September Gala event
EAS Enterprise Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia, CEO H. Barrett provides key business insight in an open format Q&A session to Baltic entrepreneurs in the EAS mentoring program.
Estonian KEN cluster various trainings and lectures
Recognised as a long-term leader in renewable energy and sustainable development, Oxford has been requested to participate as a judge in the Green Awards in Romania, selecting the building company in each of the following categories:
Green Building Project of the Year, Sustainable Company of the Year, Green Product Innovation of the Year, Green Service Provider of the Year

Oxford has trained a series of experienced industry and government participants:
“Managing Green Development Projects”, Tallinn, Estonia
“Integrating Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development”, Vilnius, Lithuania
“Financial Considerations of Green Buildings”, Riga, Latvia
“Successful Wind Development in Finland”, Helsinki, Finland
“Financial Considerations of Green Buildings”, Tallinn, Estonia